Hi! Thanks for visiting my website.I’m so happy that you have found my small houseofood blog created from the heart, which means everything to me.And now a few words about me.

My name is mubashrah khalid. i am digital marketer, web developer and food lover. My family is my greatest support specially my father. He helped me a lot while i preapring food and in my blog too. without his support my every work is incomplete.

it is not possible for me to intoduce myself without the name of one and only ALLAH. ALLAH is everything. Without him we would have no food and no ability to keep fit; because we don't exist properly? Without him, there is nothing we can do. I'm trying to give him control of my life, and it's not easy. But, he says, it's not easy to keep. I think God really needs to be your primary goal.

You can find all kinds of recipes here: healthy, vegan, chicken,chinese , along with more demanding and decadent desserts. All these recipes have been tested and tasted. My love for cooking started in my childhood, when I used to enjoy preparing various treats with my mom.i love to experiment with daily new dishes.you will really enjoy all my food recipes when try them by your hand. I prepare basic food recipes that is known to most people.If this blog helps others cook,then it has performed the purposes for which I have created it.