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Chocolate banana smoothie is one in all my favoured smoothies. We all understand we have to be consuming greater culmination and vegetables, and additionally consuming a wholesome breakfast each day—however, maximum folks are fortunate if we’ve got sufficient time to make toast withinside the morning. Luckily, smoothies are quite easy. This Smoothie is a wholesome breakfast smoothie recipe! It uses just four ingredients banana, chocolate, milk and sugar.

easy chocolate banana smoothie

This chocolate banana smoothie is wealthy in nutrients, insanely creamy and scrumptious and smooth to make in mins for your blender. You’ll want cacao powder, frozen banana, chia seeds, floor flax, vanilla protein powder and almond milk to make it. This smoothie is vegan is excessive in fibre and protein and wealthy in magnesium, iron, zinc and more.

Is chocolate banana Smoothie good for health?

Let me introduce you to the creamiest and maximum scrumptious chocolate banana smoothie recipe. This wholesome banana smoothie is easy and filled with protein, fibre, and potassium! What smoothie you put together for your self relies upon absolutely on what your frame needs! This smoothie is a wonderful wholesome breakfast or snack all through the week. Bananas are full of potassium, magnesium, and nutrition C.

This smoothie additionally has greater fibre and protein. If your health practitioner recommends a low sugar food regimen for you, preserve in thoughts that bananas have a whole lot of herbal sugar and alter your meal prep for the week accordingly.

This smoothie is healthful, tasty and clean to consume. It is full of vitamins and is a not unusual place breakfast staple throughout the globe. Doctors additionally endorse having a banana withinside the morning to live energized in the course of the day. Banana can satiate you and offer masses of minerals and nutrients to enhance your metabolism. This fruit is the powerhouse of diet C, fibre, potassium and thus, can increase your immune system, resource indigestion and maintain your blood strain in check. Moreover, this surprising fruit is a flexible food, that’s cherished and loved via way of means of each youngster and adults.
There is constantly a not unusual place confusion approximately banana being powerful in dropping weight or gaining weight. Well, bananas are full of healthful carbs that aids in constructing mass however once more it’s also encouraged for individuals who need to shed pounds because of the presence of fibres and different crucial vitamins. What’s the reality at the back of it? Let’s locate out.
Bananas are a great supply of healthful carbs and thus, may be powerful in gaining weight while fed on withinside the proper manner. A combo of milk, bananas, nuts, honey may be an outstanding manner to benefit weight without ingesting empty calories. Banana shakes are constantly counselled via way of means of the dietitian for those who desire to benefit their mass. Not most effective bananas, however, you may additionally encompass end result that comprises herbal sugars withinside the combo and make a scrumptious smoothie.

How to make chocolate banana smoothie?

This recipe is very very easy and uses just four ingredients because personally I don’t like to use many ingredients in my recipes. I always try to keep my recipe as easy and simple for the public.

for making this yummy smoothie add pieces of bananas into blender:

easy chocolate banana smoothie recipe1

Add sugar:

easy chocolate banana smoothie recipe 2

Add some pieces of choclates:

easy chocolate banana smoothie recipe3

Add milk:

easy chocolate banana smoothie recipe4

blend all ingredients well and serve healthy yummy home made chocolate banana smoothie.

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Chocolate banana smoothie

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This chocolate banana smoothie is wealthy in nutrients, insanely creamy and scrumptious and smooth to make in mins for your blender.


  • 2 bananas

  • 2tbsp sugar

  • some pieces of choclate

  • 250g milk

  • pieces of ice


  • Cut bananas into pieces.
  • Add pieces of bananas in blender.
  • Add sugar,milk and chocolate in blender.
  • Blend all ingredients well.
  • Chocolate banana smoothie is ready.
  • For serving add some pieces of ice in the glass pour the smoothie and serve.

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